The Super Charged shoes for standing all day: VIVIDMax Grip All Terrain Slippers

The Super Charged shoes for standing all day: VIVIDMax Grip All Terrain Slippers

Shoes for elderly to prevent falls: VIVIDMax Grip Clog

The ultimate shoes for standing all day: VIVIDMax Grip All Terrain Slippers

Being on your feet all day can be tiring, causing discomfort, pain, and general fatigue. Whether you’re an avid walker, explorer, or you work long hours in a hospital or restaurant, protecting your feet is essential, especially when you’re spending most of your day standing.

Far too often, too many people choose flat shoes or (fancy shoes) over practical shoes. Besides, ours are also good-looking, too! Anyways, the clog shoes for women and men are the best shoes for standing all day, providing you with unrivaled comfort, support, durability, and more. 

This article will explain more about the clog shoes, including the design, support, and who they’re intended for.

The design: VIVIDMax Grip

  1. Non-slip soles - these reduce your risk of falling.
  2. Flat or low heels - provide increased stability and improved balance.
  3. No laces - no need to bend down to tie your shoes, and fewer obstacles to trip over.
  4. 14 Traction Good blocks - absorb the shock impact of walking, which is excellent for the feet, hips, back, and knees.
  5. High-back - 1-inch lift provides extra support for the ankles.

Highlight: The VIVIDMax Grip shoe pays attention to adults aging from 30-64 specific requirements in relation to shoes. 

The Tale of the Unrivaled All Terrain Shoes: the VIVIDMax Grip Shoe 

With a non-slip sole, 14 anti-slip traction blocks, and 26 water ventilation passageways, our clog shoes are the best shoes for standing all day. Furthermore, the shoes also contain excellent shock absorption, helping to protect your feet and provide a spring in your step, whether walking your first mile or tenth mile of the day.

Who are the clog shoes for? Shoes for standing all day

So, who are shoes for? We’ve touched on this briefly, however, our essential clog shoes are the most comfortable shoes for standing all day. So, whether you are a barista, work in hospitality, a hospital, or other industries and roles that require you to be on your feet, then you will benefit from our ultimate clog shoe.

With advanced support your feet will feel better, less sore, and more comfortable, allowing you to focus on your job.

Like Ana, who wears size M 7/ W8.5, she is a 34-year-old woman who enjoys long walks at the beach right after work every Friday afternoon. It's her get away time and it has been her routine for over 7 years. However, in recent times she's noticed her walks are now shorter because her feet would build pressure faster for a shorter walking distance and she would be forced to stop. She tried all kinds of shoes, but it all didn't work until she found VIVIDMax Grip and now she tells us herself that the walks are now TRIPLE the distance with NO RESISTANCE and the difference she could only find at 

Did you know ill-fitting shoes can permanently damage the nerves in your feet? This condition, known as peripheral neuropathy, occurs when nerves are under constant pressure from tight or bad footwear. But it doesn’t just end there. According to a study conducted in 2018, about 63%-72% of people are wearing the wrong shoes. Chances are, you’re a part of this unlucky demographic. So what can our shoes do for you? If you spend long hours up on your feet putting unnoticed pressure on your body it's guaranteed our secret foot support VIVIDMax Grip will put a stop to any amount of pressure for standing and walking. A shoe made by Angels!

Top 5 Health Benefits for Adult Best Shoes Aging from 30 to 64 Under $60

Shoes for elderly to prevent falls: VIVIDMax Grip Clog

500+ Reviews by our Valued Customers
500+ Reviews by our Valued Customers




VIVIDMAX Grip offers you a choice of five different colors at

VIVIDMAX Grip offers you a choice of five different colors at

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