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  • Must-Have Products for New Dog Owners - VIVID Footwear Blog

    Must-Have Products for New Dog Owners - VIVID Footwear Blog

    Must-Have Products for New Dog Owners

    Owning a dog is a joy, privilege, and responsibility. If you are considering bringing a dog into your life, think seriously about the commitment that being a responsible dog owner entails.

    Before deciding that a dog is right for you, make an honest assessment: are you ready for the financial, emotional, and time commitment owning a dog requires?

    Adding a dog to your family is an exciting time. If you’ve had a dog before or currently have one, then you probably have a good idea of what you need. But, if it’s your first time owning a dog, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement and end up rushing around to pick up missing items. Instead, use this quick checklist to cover the basics. Here are some must-haves for first-time dog owners:

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     1. VIVIDMAX Grip Clogs

    YES! You'll be walking a lot on mud, grass and terrains. These overpowering clogs provide incredible protection for a day at the dog park. Order yours today!

    2. Two-in-One Water and Water Bowl

    On hot days portable dog water bottles are a necessity for your dog that's going to run and play. At minimum you should get a dog one of these bottles to remember to take breaks from playing. Our list is of dog bottles currently rate the best and most popular pet water bottles.


    3. Dog Waste Bags

    Your local dog park may not have it. Some parks do provide doggy bags, but it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. You don’t want to be that pet parent empty-handed when your pooch relieves themselves, and you have nothing to use to pick up after them. Also, consider using biodegradable doggy bags – they do just as good as a job as ordinary doggy bags, except they’re also great for the environment! These are the best options on Amazon for dog waste bags.

    4. Pet Safe Breakaway Collar

    Regular dog collars can be dangerous for your dog, especially if they get in a scuffle with another dog. A quick release breakaway collar will protect them from potential dangers like neck strain, strangulation, or even death. Shop at Amazon for these collars that you love the most and keep your pets safe.  

    5. Custom Identification Tags

    All dogs should have an identification tag in case they escape from the fenced in area. Pet ID tags ensure that if your pet does get lost, it's easy for the person who finds them to get in contact with you and get your pet home safe. 2. Unexpected events happen. Natural disasters can strike without warning, as can man-made problems like car accidents or a house fire. Not to worry, we've curated a list of the best Pet IDs to shop on Amazon. Simply tap on one that interests you the most.

    6. Strong Dog Leash

    All dogs should be on a leash until they enter the dog park area. However trying to take your dog’s leash off while they are excited can be a challenge. These highly rated dog leashes will make sure you're well equipped and in control of your dog at all times.

    7. Your Cell Phone

    Preload the local animal control number so you have it if needed.

    8. Air horn to break-up dog fights (2-Pack)


    Air horns are loud. And effective. The blast of an air horn usually startles the dogs for long enough to grab their leashes and pull them apart. It's worked almost every time I've ever used it, and it's a common tool seen at animal shelters. If a dog fight breaks out don’t get in the middle. Try to break up the fight while keeping a safe distance. Buy one these top rated ones now!



    9. Dog Towels!  

    Leave one of these towels in the car in case your dog gets muddy or wet. This can be very useful in your efforts to keep your dry and clean at all times.

    10. Pooper Scooper

    If you really do not want to get your hands in, then these work great for a substitute. Place a few pieces of paper on the pet poop for picking up cleanly. Place the trash bag over the pooper scooper and throw the poop into the trash to ensure a sanitary pickup. Great for dogs of all sizes! Easy to use! No stuck on poo! No gloves needed! It's that simple. Buy It Now


    11. Grooming Suppliers

    Grooming is a necessity for every dog regardless of coat type. Even low or no-shedding dogs still need to be groomed regularly. Many of them even require daily brushing and monthly professional grooming to maintain a healthy coat. Plus, every dog owner will need to handle ear care, nail care, and dental care. 

    12. Baby Gates

    When it comes to welcoming a new member to your home, it’s always a good idea and safety measure to set up and establish boundaries as to where they can and can’t go. A set of durable baby gates can be add to your training for them as they get used to the new transition.

    13. Dog Carrier

    Great for getting your dog to and from places.

    14. Car Seat Cover

    If you plan on taking dog trips often while traveling in the car, a car seat cover or a blanket for protecting the car seat(s) can be a great idea. Not only does this protect your car from your dog’s nails or accidents, but it also makes keeping things clean a lot easier.

    15. Cleaning Supplies

    Please note all cleaning supplies are not safe for your dog. Make sure you have the right and enough cleaning supplies on hand. Bringing a dog into your life is bound to bring in some messes as well. Strong, absorbent paper towels and a strong safe cleaner are must-haves for first-time dog owners for sure.

    16. Dog Crates

    This is very important. The crate is a place for the dog to be when no one is around to supervise him. It is the dog's bed and sanctuary. Its purpose is to provide confinement for reasons of safety, security for the dog, house training, prevention of destructive behavior, and/or travel.

    18. Seatbelt Constraint

    Keep them safe and secure while in the car.

    19. Treats/food

    Leave the snacks in the car or at home to avoid potential dog fights and being hounded by other dogs.


    20. Your dog’s favorite toy

    Bear in mind that any toys you bring to the dog park are subject to being taken away by another dog or get misplaced. These are great toys to leave at home.

    Want a first dog park checklist PDF? You can download the exact packing list we made for our dog roadsters directly to your phone or computer! It is guaranteed to make your life SO much easier.  


    Click here to download the First Dog Park Checklist.

    Dog Park Essentials: Pack To Park PDF

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