Salmon River Canoe Trip That'll Transport You Into the Idaho American Wild

Salmon River Canoe Trip That'll Transport You Into the Idaho American Wild

Salmon River Canoe Trip That'll Transport You Into the Idaho American Wild

Also known as The River of No Return, the Salmon River takes boaters through 46 miles of recreational river trail, before reaching the 79-mile section of designated “wild” river. Canoers looking to take on the full 46-mile recreational route can put in at North Fork and take out at Corn Creek — a journey with tall canyon walls and some of the oldest known rocks in the state — or apply for a permit to venture into the “wild” section of the Salmon River.
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Taking your first canoeing  trip can be stressful. This first canoe trip packing checklist will help make sure you have everything you need for this new multi tour in your life. 
Are you traveling on your first Canoeing Trip and putting a list together of everything you need? 
There are so many products to consider that it can be difficult to remember everything. From canoe basics to canoe gear, to camping can become very overwhelming! 
We have made a download version of this huge first canoeing packing checklist so that you can use it and make sure you have everything you need. 
You DO NOT need to buy everything (we didn''s expensive!) but having a list that you can refer back to makes life so much easier.
Everyone should spend a week paddling in a canoe—if not every year, at least once in their life. There’s no better way to get to know someone than being stuck in the same boat for days on end, and it’s been the boat of choice for hunters and anglers for centuries. There are paddling routes all across the world, and many in your backyard. Some will challenge you as a paddler, while others can help you and your family relax. Put on your VIVIDMax Grip, your boat life jacket sleeves and canoe! This is not a definitive list. There are too many gorgeous places to paddle and not enough time, but these North American canoe trips are a good place to start the 10 Top USA Canoe Destinations for summer shiny days and a What to Bring to Canoeing Trip FREE Checklist 

Best Multi Day Canoeing Gear Packing Checklist | Top Essential Things to Bring

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Canoe Basics

1. Canoe

2. Paddle (1 Per Paddler)

3. Extra Paddle

4. Personal Flotation Device

5. Extra PDF

6. Canoe Seat

7. Knee Pads

8. Yokes (with Pads)

9. Dry Bags (For Gear)

10. Spray Covers

11. Weather/VHR Radio

12. Signaling Devices (Whistle)

13. Float Bags

14. Canoe Sponges

15. Bailer or Bilge Pump

16. Emergency Floating Throw Line (Throw Bag)

17. Watch/Fitness Tracker

18. VIVID Model 01 MAXGrip Clogs

Core Gear

1. Compass

2. GPS

3. Knife or Multi-Tool

4. Headlamp or Flashlight

5. Extra Batteries

6. First-Aid Supplies

7. Sunglasses

8. Sunscreen

9. Lip Balm

10. Stainless Water Bottle

11. Water Treatment Method

12. Energy Food (Bars, Gels, Trail Mix)

13. Beverages or Powered Drink

14. Anti-Slip All Terrain Slippers 

Camping Basics

1. Tent

2. Waterproof Tent Tarp

3. Bivy Sack

4. Sleeping Bag

5. Sleeping Pad

6. Meals & Camping Snacks

7. Coolers With Ice

8. Camping Stove & Fuel

9. Camping Cookset & Utensils

10. Camping Dishes, Bowls and Cups

11. Insect Repellent 

12. Toilet Paper

13. Hand Sanitizer

14. Packable Lantern

15. Credit Card

16. Small Amount of Cash

17. Trip Itinerary


1. Dry Suit or Top

2. Paddling Gloves or Pogies

3. Neoprene Footwear

4. Helmet

5. Sun-Shield Hat

6. Hat or Cap Retainer

7. Skullcap

8. UV Bandana or Buff

9. Wool or synthetic Cap

10. Balaclava

11. Rashguard

12. Swimsuit

13. Shorts

14. Changes of Clothes

15. Convertible Pants


17. Sun-Shielding Shirt

18. Balandi Underwear Gear

19. Balandi Moisture Wicking T-Shirt

20. Spray Jacket

21. Rainwear

22. Synthetic Vest

23. Synthetic Gloves

24. Mittens

Repair Kit Options

1. Sealant (Such as Aquaseal)

2. Bailing Wire (Copper, Small Roll)

3. Nylon Cord (Or Bungee Cords)

4. Putty 

5. Replacement Nuts/Bolts

Best Multi-Day Canoeing Gear Packing Checklist | Top Things to Bring

Want a first canoe trail checklist PDF? You can shop the exact and FULL (More than 10 things to bring) packing list we made for our roadsters directly to your phone or computer! It is guaranteed to make your life SO much easier.  


Click here to download the First Canoe Trail Packing Checklist PDF.

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