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    We expect that they will be shipped to your door within 2 days! 
    Have it delivered, tested, exchanged or returned and refunded all within 10 days. 

    What are the Vivid MAXGrip Clogs made out of?

    VividEVA™, our branded proprietary  is the primary raw material used in the majority of our footwear. VividEVA™ is soft, durable, and allows our material to be non-marking in addition to being extremely lightweight and “rubber-like” in softness and flexibility. The material has good low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot and resistance to UV radiation within legal limits. See individual product pages for details.  

    Where are they sourced from?

    Our factories are in South Korea, however other Clogs has contracted out some of their models China and Singapore

    What’s the difference between Crocs™ and the VIVIDMax Grip Clogs?

    The difference is Crocs™ is a brand and clogs are one type of shoes that is produced by Crocs™. 

    Vivid Footwear manufactures HIGH value clogs made out of a special foam different from Crocs™ that can last up to 7 years.  Our shoes are better because we got for 14 unique tractions blocks and 27 water ventilation holes, 14 tractions blocks, 12 aquatic narrow columns, and 12 aquatic ovals that are the top level, most durable, agile, soft and top comfort level focused in reducing foot pressure and embracing comfort in real time while Crocs™ have none. If you love Crocs ™, you can't wait to try this next GEN elevated version. You're not going to believe the rugged durability mixed with comfort that we have that they don't.  Our directional line is Outdoor Sporting Goods VIVID Footwear Brand.

    Design for you

    Feet Pain

    Tiny Numbs & Bumps Inside
    One little detail that often gets overlooked is the little bumps inside. The bumps or the footbed nubs (little dots) inside the All Terrains are designed to create a subtle massage-like feel and improve circulation while you wear them. They are also useful to help your feet stay put inside the VIVIDMax Grip, without slipping and sliding. The idea behind these little bumps originates from acupressure points. Much like acupressure mats or slippers, which are covered with hundreds of plastic nubs, these small bulges deliver pressure to parts of the body in contact with the surface. An acupressure mat, the idea behind the little nubs on VIVIDMax Grip Clogs.

    14 Weight Distribution Blocks
    This is the greatest benefit for your feet. Right now, gravity is an amplifying pressure. This is why we ask you, do you stand for more than 3 hours a day? Because you NEED 14 weight distribution blocks that distributes your personal weight amplified by gravity pushing down and transferring the pressure to our strong durable VIVIDEva Foam All Terrains. What does this do for you? It relieve your feet from any pressure points aimed at your heels and nerves. The WANT turns into a NEED All Terrains.

    Money Saving
    The average American spends $2,514 in 6 years on shoes. The VIVIDMax Grip Footwear is durable for up to 6 years effectively giving you back $2,412. 6X more lifespan compared to the cost any footwear.

    Environmental Protection
    For your safety, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot and resistance to UV radiation within legal limits.