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  • 2022 Outdoor Nature Adventures with the VIVIDMax Grip Clog

    Walk Undisturbed 
    Walk Comfortably 
    Walk Anytime
    Walk Anywhere
    VIVIDMax Grip is Earth's Shoes!
    We care about where you're walking to next -> SO where and which terrain are you passing by next? NOW FEEL THE TRACTION.   The best cure for quarantine cabin fever is fresh air, and with the weather growing warmer by the day, the call of the wild is getting harder to resist. Luckily, there are plenty of fun things to do outside that you can try even while social distancing. And with VIVIDMax Grip you'll capture the full outdoor adventurous experience.

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    Nothing cures that walking feeling quite like a few hours exploring inner cities. Not only is walking a great way to clear your mind, it can also help increase bone density, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Explore the Top 20 Most Walk Friendly VIVIDMax Grip Cities in America
    All you need for a true evening out is your special someone, and maybe a blanket or two, as nothing says romance quite like stargazing. Did you know cruise ships have one of the best stars scenes? Check out Cruise Ships sailing over the summer by clicking here. Surprise your date for a fun time!
    There aren’t too many sports that provide the opportunity to meet other people (or paddle in solitude, if you so desire…). Kayaking is unique because it incorporates nature’s beautiful sites, great physical benefits, and is suitable for singles, couples, and friends of course.  So click here to find out about the 10 U.S. Canoe Trips That'll Transport You Into the American Wild