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    Hear from our first time shoppers about their shopping experience at VividFootwear.com shopping for the VIVIDMax Grip Clogs.
    I am glad I was finally able to get my hands on these. My god, they are as beautiful as shown! The Max Grip concept is quite cool but the color rocked this pair!
    Nicole H.
    When I first saw this shoe, I literally thought, "What a Shoe!" I thought only three types of people could legitimately wear them: 1)Gardeners, 2)Crocs shoe heads 3) feet pain people. But when a family member bought me a pair for my birthday, I fell in love the moment I put them on. They are so much spongier and more comfortable than they look. I feel like I’m getting a foot massage every time I wear them!
    Brodie S.
    Got all colors
    This is my fourth pair of vivid max grip! I have one for winter, one for the garden, a dresser pair and now these great red ones! Vivid are very comfortable and true to size. I may have contributed to the out stock...
    Rhys W.
    Durable and multifunctional
    I am a mountain girl and you would not believe the Max Grip. They are so multifunctional from roaming and climbing up the mountains, to riding bikes, to using as water shoes on beaches or any water parks. Easy slip-on and off. Super comfortable and I love that the bright pink color
    Victoria D.
    Can't handle them! SO cute
    We have decided that these are the perfect shoes. They offer enough support and protection from the elements, and they actually look pretty cool in innovative kind of a way. Our order arrived speedily, and we got exactly what we wanted. We'll order more soon!
    Rosie C.
    Honest Review
    I work long hours (service industry worker), and I walk around a lot so I bought all 4 shoe in each colors. I love them so much. If you're looking for something durable, functional, and cool. The VIVIDMax Grip is your go to shoe! Super great for work, durable, and anti-slip due to the traction blocks.
    Hannah H
    My go-to comfy shoes
    I never had anything like these and I don't think they hadn't been invented yet. I wear them gardening and when I'm being super casual. I keep a couple of pairs as indoor slippers too. Will have to order a new pair for winter soon.
    Jimena M.

    What’s the difference between Crocs™ and VIVIDMax Grip Clogs?

    The difference is Crocs™ is a brand and clogs are one type of shoes that is produced by Crocs™. 

    Vivid Footwear manufactures HIGH value clogs made out of a special foam different from Crocs™ that can last up to 7 years.  Our shoes are better because we got for 14 unique tractions blocks and 27 water ventilation holes, 14 tractions blocks, 12 aquatic narrow columns, and 12 aquatic ovals that are the top level, most durable, agile, soft and top comfort level focused in reducing foot pressure and embracing comfort in real time while Crocs™ have none. If you love Crocs ™, you can't wait to try this next GEN elevated version. You're not going to believe the rugged durability mixed with comfort that we have that they don't. 

    What are Vivid Clogs made of?

    Our branded proprietary VividEVA™, is the primary raw material used in the majority of our footwear and some of our accessories. VividEVA™ is soft, durable, and allows our material to be non-marking in addition to being extremely lightweight. Vivid clogs shoes are made of VividEVA™. VividEVA is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials, which are “rubber-like” in softness and flexibility. The material has good low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot and resistance to UV radiation. Vivid shoes that are not made entirely of VividEVA material may contain other products within legal limits. See individual product pages for details.  

    Where are they made? And sourced from?

    VIVIDMax Grip can be made in a variety of locations. The primary factories are in South Korea, however other Clogs has contracted out some of their models China and Singapore. 

    Are there any discounts?

    Get 25% OFF your first order. Sign up to enter exclusive one time code. 

    Contacting Customer Service

     Our Customer Service team is happy to assist with questions you have about Vivid ® and our products. You can reach us in two convenient ways: 1. Send us an email. Contact us by sending an email to customerservice@vividfootwear.com. One of our Customer Service team members will get back in touch with you within 48 hours. 2. Chat live for fast assistance. Connect with a Customer Service member via live chat during regular business hours. 1. From the bottom navigation bar, select 2. Enter your name, email address, question and order number (if available) and click Chat Now.  

    Order Information and Tracking

    Track with order number and name. Click Order Status in the footer at the bottom of the home page. Enter your order number and your email address. Or copy directly your tracking number and paste it on Tracking Number. Click Track. Your tracking information will display with the estimated delivery date and package travel history. 


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