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Try On the Pink VIVIDMaxGrip All Terrains

Try On the Pink VIVIDMaxGrip All Terrains

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The shoes that will never let you slip! Soles that grip the ground like an octopus. Keep your footing, even on slippery surfaces.

🚀 NASA-approved technology for superior grip! 🚀

Shop now for the VIVIDMax Grip shoe that alleviates pain and is the best slip resistant shock-absorbing cushioned relaxed shoe that works way smarter than your feet and looks as good as you do.  This is NOT your classic LOW value average clog. This is the full slip-on VIVIDMax Grip Footwear long lasting foam clog that you're sure to feel relieved, protected and comfortably supported in for energy consuming activities. You NEED 14 weight distribution slip-resistant all terrain traction blocks that equip you for actions that can be hard on your feet AND you NEED easy to clean 27 water holes + 12 all terrain narrow aquatic columns + 12 aquatic all terrain ovals ventilation passages keeping your feet fresh from smelly odor that prevents bacteria from thriving which can cause inflammation (feet fungus). See above image display.




It is very easy to walk into any footwear store and take a pick from among hundreds of different colors, sizes, and styles of shoes, it's easy to take good footwear for granted. However, that is not the case for 400,000+ people who purchased.

Did you know ill-fitting shoes can permanently damage the nerves in your feet? This condition, known as peripheral neuropathy, occurs when nerves are under constant pressure from tight, cheap and low value footwearBut it doesn’t just end there. According to a study conducted in 2018, about 63%-72% of people are wearing low value shoes. Chances are, you’re a part of this unlucky demographic. 

Did you know the average American spends $419 on shoes per year That cost adds up to $2,514 in 6 years. The VIVIDMax Grip Footwear is durable for up to 6 years effectively giving you back $2,412. Our unique VIVIDEVA™ foam is equipped with Extreme Responsiveness and has 6X more lifespan compared to the cost any footwear. 

First question, do you do any of these things?

  • Spend hours standing putting unnoticed pressure?
  • Do you specifically stand up, garden, walk, travel or work for a total combination of more than 3 hours a day?

We think about you when you do and how that is hard on your feet. You NEED to consider the VIVIDMax Grip. It is a high value foam that guarantees foot support in real time, our VIVIDMax Grip will put a stop to any amount of pressure for standing and walking. One little detail that often gets overlooked is the little bumps inside that are designed to create a subtle massage-like feel and improve circulation while you wear them. Act now and benefit from our unique shoe!

Meet Ana, a nurse who wears size W8 1/2 and is a 34-year-old woman who enjoys long walks at the beach right after work at 4:30 P.M. every Friday afternoon. It's her fun enjoyable get away time and it has been her routine for over 7 years.

However, in recent times she noticed her walks are now shorter because her feet would ache and build pressure faster for a shorter walking distance turning what used to be a breath of fresh air stress-reliever for her for 7+ years to something she was forced to stop. She tried buying/wearing and trying all kinds of shoes and even Crocs in hopes to continue what she loved most, but hopelessly no match was found. Instead, she experienced more foot pain, tight crushing toes shoes, feet ache and sometimes even blisters which are all side effects listed in the study of The Side Effects of Wearing Ill-Fitting Shoes. She landed on Vivid Footwear eager to speak to us.

Second question, are you ready to elevate your footwear?

  • After connecting with our style forward, cool clogs Experts who dish their style tips, share trends, give fit advice and more, only in the Vivid Chat that educated her on our VIVIDMax Grip Clog, she now tells us herself that she walks TRIPLE the distance with NO RESISTANCE with the protection VIVIDMax Grip Clog and the game-changer shoe she could only find at Vivid Footwear.
  • If you love Crocs ™, then this next GEN is the elevated version you should try next

Shoe Additional and Fitting Room Details:

  • 1-inch outsole high rise
  • 27 Water Ventilation Holes
  • 14 Traction Blocks
  • 12 Aquatic Narrow Columns
  • 12 Aquatic Ovals
  • Easy to clean + quick dry
  • Secure pivoting heel straps 
  • 360-degree floor grip and comfort
  • VividEVA™  durable foam
  • Pair Weight: 11 ounces
  • Primary Color: Pink
  • Secondary Color: Black

  • Walk Undisturbed
  • Walk Comfortably
  • Walk Anytime
  • Walk Anywhere 
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    When you wear your VIVIDMax Grip next share this 25% OFF QR code with your friends when they compliment you where you got them  😉

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